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Daria Kokh


Phone: +49 (0) 6221 533 202
Fax: +49 (0) 6221 533 298


2008- present: Research fellow, MCM group, HITS

2002-2009: Research fellow, Theoretical Chemistry, Wuppertal University, Germany

2000-2002: Alexander von Humboldt fellow, Theoretical Chemistry group of Prof. R.J. Buenker, Wuppertal University, Germany

1995-2000: Research fellow, Molecular Photonics group, Physics Dept., St.Petersburg State University, Russia

1995 Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics, St. Petersburg State University, Russia


  • Protein flexibility in drug design -  methods for simulation and analysis of protein flexibility; prediction of transient binding pockets
  • Protein-solid state interface - simulation of protein adsorption on different solid surfaces; development of continuum solvent force field; BD simulations of multiple protein adsorption; kinetics
  • Computational and theoretical chemistry - ab initio  computation of electronic structure of small molecules and their photochemistry in the gas phase and on metal surfaces 


PROSURF project: "Developing a computational toolbox for protein-surface docking"


BioRN project: "Transiente Bindungstaschen"
TRAnsien Pocket on Proteins