Diese Informationen sind leider nur auf Englisch verfügbar.

Using your driver’s license

Your driver’s license is valid for a temporary stay (max. 6 months) in the Federal Republic of Germany. A translation may be required.

For a stay in Germany exceeding 6 months please consider the following:

  • If your driver’s license was issued by a European Union country, you don’t need to exchange it for a German one.
  • If it was issued by a country outside the EU, you can only use your driver’s license for six months from your date of arrival.
    • If you stay in Germany for more than six months but less than one year, you can obtain a six-month extension to use your existing license.
    • If you are living in Germany for more than a year you will need a German driver’s license (Führerschein). The conditions for obtaining a German license vary depending on the country where your original license was issued.

For information on how to obtain a German license or an extension of your driver’s license, contact the local driver licensing authority (“Führerscheinstelle”).

Pleikartsförster Str. 116
69124 Heidelberg
Phone: +49 (0)6221 – 58 – 13444
E-Mail: Fuehrerscheinstelle@Heidelberg.de
Internet: www.heidelberg.de (Führerscheinstelle)

Links: www.bmvbs.de