Kerstin Hoppenhaus – Journalist in Residence 2018

German science journalist Kerstin Hoppenhaus was the HITS “Journalist in Residence” from July until December 2018. Hoppenhaus studied Biology in Mainz, Tübingen, Jena (Germany), and Lyon (France) in addition to studying directing at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg in Ludwigsburg. Since 2005, she has worked as a freelance director of documentaries, research projects, and online endeavors. She…

Kerstin Hoppenhaus named “Journalist in Residence” at HITS

The Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies provides science journalists the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of computer-based, data-driven science through a residence at the institute. Candidates from six continents applied for the position in 2018, and a jury selected Kerstin Hoppenhaus (Berlin, Germany). The award-winning science journalist intends to use her stay to develop new media formats suitable for making the complexity of “big data” accessible to laypeople.