Thank you for your interest in HITS. If you are planning to join us and if you already have specific ideas in which capacity this might be, the following links will take you to pages with detailed information intended to help you with the preparations and with your first steps in Heidelberg. Of course, if you do have any questions beyond that, do not hesitate to contact us.

Visiting scientists



HITS is interested in establishing close scientific collaboration with other research institutions world-wide. Therefore, we offer various possibilities for visiting scientists to participate in our activities. On the research pages you will find descriptions of all ongoing research activities and the people involved. On the pages below you will find a collection of things that have to be considered when joining our lab from abroad.

HITS offers scholarships for both doctoral students and postdocs. Current openings can be found on the jobs page. If you apply, please refer to one of the offerings posted. Explanations of the administrative things you have to consider before joining HITS from abroad can be found below.

If you think about applying for a job at our institute, you will find some information on what it will take to move to and work in Germany on the pages below. Current openings can be found on the jobs page.