Genome Sequencing

With the support of the Klaus Tschira Stiftung and that of the Max-Planck Society, the “Tschira Sequencing Center” in Dresden is operating two RS II sequencers. We are collaborating with the center, under the leadership of Andreas Dahl (CRT Dresden) and Sylke Winkler (MPI-CBG), on multiple large genome sequencing projects.

Long-Read Assembly

While many consider assembly a solved problem, unordered and fragmented genome assemblies with false joins are widespread, hampering significantly any downstream analysis involving them. NGS sequencers produce gigabases very quickly and cheaply but predominantly in very short-read lengths. Despite significant advances in the algorithmic aspects of short-read assembly, it is slowly becoming obvious, that the…

Repeat Resolution

The faithful reconstruction of a repeat’s sequence still poses significant challenges. The availability of long-read sequencers has, on the one hand, made the problem partially solvable, due many shorter repeats now being spanned. But has made separating multiple collapsed repeat copies significantly worse due to sequence noise (due to the high error rate). We are…