<strong>The shape of macromolecular crowders affects protein diffusion</strong> <strong>Simulations identify routes in and out of cytochrome P450</strong> <strong><font color="white">TRAPP helps to find transient pockets in proteins</font></strong> <strong>Simulations show how sickle cell hemoglobin starts to oligomerize</strong> <font color="black"><strong>Simulations show how proteins recognise and bind to surfaces</strong></font> <strong>Allosterically gated enzyme dynamics regulate cysteine biosynthesis</strong> <font color="black" size="5"><strong>Electrostatically-guided Brownian dynamics docking of two co-chaperone J-proteins</strong></font> <font color="black"><strong>Free energy calculations for proteins stabilizing the spindle pole body bridge</strong></font>