28. February 2020

The ELIXIR-CONVERGE project is funded by the European Commission to help standardise life science data management across Europe. The project will ensure the provisioning of distributed local support for data management, coordinated via the common ELIXIR infrastructure, based on a toolkit for researchers that enables lifecycle management for their research data, according to international standards.

Partners from 23 ELIXIR Nodes provide the infrastructure to improve research data management, reproducibility and reuse. With it’s expertise in supporting FAIR research data management SDBV is partner in ELIXIR-CONVERGE and involved in the development of the Research Data Management Kit (RDMkit).

The RDMkit is an online guide containing good data management practices applicable to research projects from the beginning to the end. RDMkit has guidelines, information, and pointers to help researchers with problems throughout the data’s life cycle.

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