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Issue 2 | 2024

10. June 2024

Mechanobiology studies how cells can sense and respond to mechanical forces.  Together with two colleagues, HITS group leader Frauke Gräter …

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Issue 1 | 2024

19. March 2024

At HITS, artificial intelligence (AI) is not a current trend, but a long-established practice: Several groups have been working with machine …

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Issue 4 | 2023

5. December 2023

What makes a planet habitable? How do you keep it habitable, how do you develop life, and what strategic decisions put …

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Issue 3 | 2023

12. September 2023

This summer, we celebrated a special event: the first onsite meeting with our alumni in four years, intertwined with a “Math …

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Issue 2 | 2023

20. June 2023

We are happy to continue the success story of grants awarded by the European Research Council (ERC): PSO group leader Friedrich …

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Issue 1 | 2023

4. April 2023

This spring, a special project is blossoming: SIMPLAIX, a collaboration of HITS with Heidelberg University and the KIT. The three partner …

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Issue 4 | 2022

14. December 2022

Fall is the season of the harvest, and at HITS it´s particularly abundant this year: Alexandros Stamatakis, head of the …

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Issue 3 | 2022

16. September 2022

In recent years, hardly any buzzword has become as much a part of everyday human life as “artificial intelligence” – from voice …

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Issue 2 | 2022

21. June 2022

A “magic triangle” has formed: “SIMPLAIX” is a three-way-cooperation between HITS, Heidelberg University and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), enabled …

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Issue 1 | 2022

22. March 2022

This year began with tremendously good news: Ganna Gryn’ova, head of the Computational Carbon Chemistry (CCC) group, was selected to …

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