No. 29 | 12-2017

1. December 2017

New research groups at HITS, high honors for our HITS scientists, noisy cell membranes as well as a portrait of HITS …

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No. 28 | 09-2017

1. September 2017

A new round of our HITS “Journalist in Residence” program, high honors for our HITS scientists and new discoveries of the …

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No. 27 | 06-2017

1. June 2017

A professorship in Potsdam for HITSter Christoph Pfrommer, the portait of astrophysicist and “Tschira fellow” Freeke van de Voort,  awards …

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No. 26 | 03-2017

1. March 2017

A change in the HITS management, a new „Journalist in Residence“ from India, awards for our HITSters as well as new …

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No. 25 | 12-2016

1. December 2016

The HITS Yale program in Astrophysics and our second site at “Mathematikon”, science news about the dynamics of chromatosome formation and …

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No. 24 | 09-2016

1. September 2016

The open house event at HITS, prestigious awards for our HITS researchers, a highly elastic pressurized balloon created by nature as …

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No. 23 | 06-2016

1. June 2016

The new junior research group “High Energy Astrophysics and Cosmology”, 33 million core hours for a joint computational drug discovery project, and …

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No. 22 | 03-2016

1. March 2016

A new publication on binary star systems, the introduction of Gesa Schönberger as the new HITS Managing Director, and a …

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No. 21 | 12-2015

1. December 2015

Everything about the key floppy binding, simulating the death of stars, Andreas Reuter as senior professor at Heidelberg University, as well …

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No. 20 | 9-2015

1. September 2015

How HITS set everything in motion at Explore Science, the new research group of Anna Wienhard, collapsing proteins, as well as …

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