SDBV Group

Scientific Databases and Visualization (SDBV)

Our mission is to improve data storage and the search for life science data, making storage, search, and processing simple to use for domain experts who are not computer scientists. We believe that much can be learned from running actual systems and serving their users, who can then tell us what is important for them.

We employ computer science methods, notably human-computer interaction and information retrieval, as well as domain knowledge. In the past 15 years, the group has specialized in the life sciences, a domain where the data integration tasks are daunting. Here we are mainly interested in data at the boundary between “big” data and “small” data.

The strength of the group is its five scientists (Golebiewski, Krebs, Rey, Weidemann, Wittig), who have all worked at the bench in biological, biochemical, and chemical labs. This facilitates development, as developers can closely monitor the acceptance of changes through contact with domain experts (Ghosh, Hu, Petrov).

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