HITS Journalist in Residence Program

About the Program

Our institute offers a paid stay for experienced journalists who focus on natural science, mathematics, or computer science. The “Journalist in Residence” can stay anywhere from three to six months to engage with our scientists and gain insight into our research. The openings take place annually.


Our goal is to offer journalists the opportunity to familiarize themselves with several areas of research – depending on their interests – and to deepen their technical knowledge without the pressure of daily business. We also aim to encourage these journalists to learn more about the methods and possibilities of so-called “data-driven science.” Another objective of the program is to encourage dialogue between journalists and researchers. The daily contact with the researchers enables journalists to gain a better understanding of the way research works and of the researchers’ ways of thinking.

Target group and duration

The program is targeted at freelance and staff journalists who focus on scientific journalism and have several years of work experience. Print and online-media journalists as well as radio and TV journalists are welcome to apply. The duration of the stay is three to six months.

Activities and remuneration

During their stay, the journalists pursue the following activities:

  • Mutual exchange with the researchers at HITS
  • A public talk about science journalism/communication
  • An internal seminar about science journalism/communication
  • Research for potential projects/publications

We do not expect the journalists to publish anything related to HITS in return. Instead, the program supports free and independent journalism.
The “HITS Journalist in Residence” program is endowed with EUR 6,000 per month. Upon prior agreement, travel expenses to and from Heidelberg for the stay as the “Journalist in Residence” may be reimbursed. All other travel expenses are covered by the monthly pay. HITS further offers a workplace at its institute during the time of the stay, including a computer, if needed.

Application requirements

Applications should include the following documents:

  • Cover letter
  • CV
  • Proof of journalistic work in the area of science and technology: Maximum of 5 work samples. Please send your articles in PDF format. If none of the texts is in German or English, please attach a translation of at least one work sample in German or English. If you have sound and/or video files, please collect the links to the files in a PDF document.
  • Letter of motivation: How will your time at HITS be spent? Which research groups or projects are particularly interesting to you and why? What projects would you like to work on during you time of the stay?
  • For staff journalists: A letter of recommendation from the chief editor or a head of section is required.

Please apply via the HITS application site on the jobs” page.
Good knowledge of written and spoken English is expected. At least basic knowledge of German is recommended, but not mandatory.
Among the members of the selection committee are science journalists Christina Elmer and Eva Wolfangel, and scientists Tilmann Gneiting and Roland Herzog (Heidelberg University).

Call for applications

The current 2024 HITS Journalist in Residence is science journalist and author Felicitas Mokler.
The next opening for 2025 will be in summer 2024.


Please check out the FAQ.

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