HITS Lab Group


“It is important not to lose sight of the things that make HITS unique: the opportunity to develop multi-disciplinary synergies, cross-fertilize ideas across unusual disciplinary boundaries.” (HITS Scientific Advisory Board, 2017)

HITS Lab capitalizes on HITS’ strengths: the proximity of researchers working in groups in different disciplines, existing methods for scientific exchange across disciplines, and an established culture of talking to each other in general. HITS Lab fosters collaboration across groups and disciplines emphasizing research across disciplinary boundaries and thus aims to fulfil Klaus Tschira’s vision for HITS. HITS Lab projects are envisaged as incubator for collaborations within HITS and beyond.

To emphasize the interdisciplinary nature of the HITS Lab projects, HITS Lab consists of projects led and/or accompanied by (at least) two group leaders. Projects are funded by HITS, but they can also be third-party funded or performed by guest scientists with their own funding.

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