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Data Collections

Biochemical Reaction Kinetics Database

SABIO-RK is a curated database containing structured information about biochemical reactions and their corresponding kinetics.



FAIRDOMHub is a web-accessible registry for storing, sharing and publishing research assets of biology projects. The assets include FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable) Data, Operating procedures and Models. FAIRDOMHub includes special support for the Systems Biology community. It is managed and supported by the FAIRDOM consortium.


FAIRDOM-SEEK data management platform for the LiSyM project.

Discover the liver


The Virtual Liver Portal shows scientific data of the Virtual Liver Network for both expert and the non-expert public.

Virtual Liver SEEK

FAIRDOM-SEEK data management platform for the Virtual Liver Network.


Data of the SBEpo project managed in FAIRDOMHub.

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