Information and prevention: Lynch syndrome is a family story

1. March 2023

More and more people develop colorectal cancer at a young age. Every fifth colorectal cancer under 50 has a hereditary cause. The most common inherited tumor risk syndrome is Lynch syndrome. Affected individuals carry a genetic alteration in their DNA that increases their cancer risk. Only very few carriers know about their increased cancer risk. To draw attention to the topic of Lynch syndrome, we are launching a series of posters in March, the colorectal cancer awareness month. This is a joint project of the Department of Applied Tumor Biology and the DMQ group at HITS, in collaboration with Semi-Colon and the German Consortium for Familial Colorectal Cancer, and supported by the Network Against Colorectal Cancer and ERN Genturis. We want to inform about the most important aspects of Lynch syndrome and to raise awareness about a possible hereditary background of cancer at a young age.

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