In “Campus Report”: The universal sound of black holes (in German)

4. October 2023

The earth usually seems very big to us and, if we disregard the climate, also quite stable. In fact, it is constantly being squeezed and crumpled like a gigantic rubber ball, by gravitational waves emitted by merging black holes. HITS researchers have studied the frequencies of these cosmic phenomena. Fabian Schneider, Eva Laplace (both from the Stellar Evolution Theory group) and Klaus Tschira Visiting Professor Philipp Podsiadlowski discovered that black hole mergers have the same frequencies that can be made audible as “chirps”, as Fabian Schneider explains in an interview with Campus Report editor Nils Birschmann (in German):

About HITS

HITS, the Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies, was established in 2010 by physicist and SAP co-founder Klaus Tschira (1940-2015) and the Klaus Tschira Foundation as a private, non-profit research institute. HITS conducts basic research in the natural, mathematical, and computer sciences. Major research directions include complex simulations across scales, making sense of data, and enabling science via computational research. Application areas range from molecular biology to astrophysics. An essential characteristic of the Institute is interdisciplinarity, implemented in numerous cross-group and cross-disciplinary projects. The base funding of HITS is provided by the Klaus Tschira Foundation.

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