Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. h.c. Andreas Reuter

On April 15, 2016, Andreas Reuter stepped down as Managing Director of HITS. 18 years before, the computer scientist had given up his postas prorector of Stuttgart University to establish a private English-speaking university, at the same time accepting Klaus Tschira’s offer to mastermind the development of the EML European Media Laboratory GmbH as its scientificand managing director. In 2003 he went on to found EML Research gGmbH, a basic research institute from which HITS originated in 2010. Andreas Reuter’s extensive experience as a science manager has proven invaluable– particularly in the cooperation with KIT and Heidelberg University on various joint appointments and the decision by both universities to become shareholders of HITS in 2014.

When Klaus Tschira passed away in March 2015, Andreas Reuter remained as the sole managing directorfor another year. Despite retirement as Managing Director, Andreas Reuter continues to be active in otherinstitutions founded by Klaus Tschira, such as the HITS Stiftung, the Heidelberg Laureate Forum Foundation,and the EML European Media Laboratory GmbH. He is also a senior professor at Heidelberg University.