HITS Journalist in Residence Program

Each year, our institute offers a grant for experienced journalists who focus on natural science, mathematics or computer science. The Journalist in Residence can stay between three and six months to engage with our scientists and get an insight into our research.

We want to offer journalists the opportunity to familiarize themselves with several areas of research depending on their interests, and to deepen their technical knowledge without the pressure of daily business. We also want to encourage them to learn more about the methods and possibilities of so-called “data-driven science”. Another objective of the program is to encourage the dialogue between journalists and researchers. The daily contact with the researchers will help journalists to gain a better understanding of the way research works and of the researchers’ way of thinking.

Target group and duration
The grant is targeted at freelance and staff journalists, focusing on scientific journalism, with several years of work experience. Print and online media journalists are as welcome as radio and TV journalists. The duration of the stay is three to six months.

Activities and remuneration
During the stay, the grant holder will mostly focus on:
•    mutual exchange with the researchers at HITS and their collaborating institutions
•    a public talk and an internal seminar on science communication
•    collect information about potential topics for own publications

We do not expect the journalists to publish anything related to HITS in return. They are basically free to pursue their own agenda.

“HITS Journalist in Residence” is endowed with EUR 5,000 per month. A workplace is available at HITS.

Contractual details will depend on both the nationality of the grantee and his/her employment status.

Application requirements
Applications should include a proof of journalistic work in the area of Science and Technology, a presentation of the key areas of your journalistic work and a rough plan of the projects you are intending to carry out during the stay at HITS, a CV, and up to five relevant work samples (PDF files or copies, audio or video files). For staff journalists, a letter of recommendation from the chief editor or a head of section is also required. Good knowledge of written and spoken English is expected. At least basic knowledge of German is recommended.
Members of the jury are science journalists, as well as academics from various scientific institutions.

When to apply?
The next call for applications will be announced in Summer 2017. If you would like to be informed and receive HITS press releases, please send an Email to peter.saueressig@h-its.org