4. December 2014

The subject of FAIRDOM is data management services for systems biology for projects within the ERASysAPP ERANet funding initiative and beyond. In the course of the ERA-Net EraSysAPP and European research infrastructure project ISBE, three national funding agencies support a Data and Model Management Project – FAIRDOM (Findable Accessible Interoperable Reusable Data Operations, and Models). We aim at establishing an internationally sustained Data and Model Management service, initially supporting research projects funded by ERASysAPP, and systematically extending the services to the European systems biology community. In FAIRDOM we are building on the experience and expertise of two leading systems biology management platforms: SEEK, as developed and used in the context of SysMO-DB, Virtual Liver Network,  and openBIS, mainly developed in the context of the SystemsX.ch SyBIT project. More about FAIRDOM you can find here.

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