15. August 2017

LiSyM (Liver Systems Medicine) is a research network of more than 20 institutions that were brought together for 5 years by a 20-million-euro funding program from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The 39 contributing research groups work together as coordinated, geographically distributed teams. In LiSyM, experimental laboratory researchers work together closely with mathematicians, bioinformaticians, modelers, clinical investigators, and data managers to develop a systems medicine approach to studying liver diseases. The aim is to acquire and use experimental data together with existing data from previous projects and literature to build computational models that address various functional aspects of the human liver and its crucial role in the development and progression of many diseases. These models will facilitate decision-making at the patient’s bedside and help to predict the effects of new medicines in the treatment of diseases.

The LiSyM network is build on the Virtual Liver Network. SDBV is responsible for central data management using LiSyM SEEK.

The funding of LiSyM ended in July 2021, the follow up research network, LiSyM Cancer is ongoing. Its public-facing website is still in preparation.

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