4. February 2016

The “German Network for Bioinformatics Infrastructure-de.NBI” is a national, academic and non-profit infrastructure supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) providing bioinformatics services to users in life sciences research and biomedicine in Germany and Europe. The de.NBI program was launched by the BMBF in March 2015 and the ELIXIR Node in Germany is run by de.NBI since August 2016. The de.NBI network consists of eight interconnected centers including more than 40 research, service and infrastructure groups with about 150 bioinformaticians.

In order to provide solutions to the “Big Data Problem” in life science the de.NBI partners organize training events, courses and summer schools on tools, standards and compute services to assist researchers to more effectively exploit their data.

The SDBV group manages the “de.NBI-Systems Biology” Service Center (de.NBI-SysBio) and supports the systems biology community by providing data management solutions for all types of projects as well as resources, services and developments for systems biology modeling. Therefore we offer software and support for FAIR data and model management (SEEK, FAIRDOMHub) as well as curated kinetic data (SABIO-RK database). We offer regularly held training courses about our tools which are suitable for beginners and advanced users as well.

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