1. October 2020

The aim of the NFDI4Health project is to create an infrastructure based on standards which enables harmonisation, is expandable and facilitates the retrieval and use of public health data, (dietary) exposure data as well as clinical trial data, facilitating structured combination and interoperability. The initiative consists of an interdisciplinary team of 18 partners. A total of 46 renowned institutions from the health sector have confirmed their participation, including major professional associations and epidemiological cohorts.

SDBV is partner in the project with its expertise in research data management and scientific databases as well as its experience in data standardization. The FAIRDOM-SEEK software will play a central role as the data management platform and will be adapted to meet the project specific requirements. Relevant data standards will be adapted and harmonized to facilitate finding and comparing of the collected personal health data.

The project is funded for 5 years by both the German Federal Government and German state governments.

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