19. August 2019

SABIO-VIS – Visual exploration and validation for SABIO-RK using rich FAIR data for use by modellers, curators and experimentalists

Main goal of the project is the development of tools/methods for the exploration, validation and quality control of kinetic parameters especially for modellers based on data in SABIO-RK. It includes the visualization of the distribution of kinetic parameters in SABIO-RK and highlighting and the quantification of possible inaccuracy of kinetic parameters from literature. Furthermore clustering and grouping of the data (e.g. kinetic parameters, EC numbers, environmental conditions) will be implemented according to the needs of SABIO-RK users.

As the final outcome of the project the new visualization of SABIO-RK data is online available in the SABIO-RK user interface and published here:

Dorotea Dudaš, Ulrike Wittig, Maja Rey, Andreas Weidemann, Wolfgang Müller
Improved insights into the SABIO-RK database via visualization
Volume 2023 (2023) baad011

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