Lecture: “White Dwarfs, Neutron Stars, and Black Holes – Compact Objects in Astrophysics”

Winter semester 2015/2016 at Universität Heidelberg

Prof. Dr. F. Röpke, Dr. A. Bauswein
Lecture: Monday, 2–4pm, Philosophenweg 12, kleiner Hörsaal


  • formation, occurrence and appearance of astrophysical compact objects
  • equations of state
  • introduction to a general relativistic treatment
  • supernova explosions
  • modeling nuclear reactions
  • pulsars
  • black hole thermodynamics


  • Camenzind: “Compact Objects in Astrophysics” (Springer)
  • Shapiro & Teukolsky: “Black Holes, White Dwarfs, and Neutron Stars…” (Wiley VCH)
  • Glendenning: “Compact Stars: Nuclear Physics, Particle Physics, and General Relativity” (Springer)


You can download the slides from the Moodle page. The password for enrolling is given to you in the lecture. If you do not have it, just ask us by e-mail.

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