Lecture: Python programming for scientists

Heidelberg University

Summer Semester 2018

Lecturer: Dr. Markus Kromer

The lecture will be taught as a block course from September 10 to 14 in the CIP pool at Philosophenweg 12. Lecturing hours 9am to 5pm. See also the record in the LSF of Heidelberg University.


The course teaches elementary Python programming for scientists, including

  • Using the IPython Notebook
  • Introduction to Python
  • Modules and Functions
  • Introduction to Numpy and Matplotlib
  • Reading/writing data from files
  • Introduction to Scipy (interpolation, integration, fitting)
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Applying Python to scientific problems

Course Material

The course material can be downloaded here https://uebungen.physik.uni-heidelberg.de/vorlesung/20181/python1

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