Lecture: “Gravitational Waves”

Summer Semester 2016 at Universität Heidelberg

Dr. A. Bauswein, Prof. Dr. F. Röpke

Lecture: Monday, 14-16 pm, Philosophenweg 12, kleiner Hörsaal

NOTE: lecture on 13/06/16 will NOT take place


Gravitational waves are wave-like solutions of the Einstein field equations that propagate as ripples of the space-time. Their existence was predicted soon after Einstein formulated his theory of General Relativity. Only recently, in September 2015 gravitational waves were detected for the first time. This measurement proved the existence of gravitational waves and the existence of black-hole binaries which merge. The course will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to General Relativity
  • Introduction to gravitational waves (theoretical background)
  • Gravitational wave sources – overview
  • Compact binary dynamics – inspiral and merger
  • GW140915 – the first detected gravitational wave event
  • Introduction neutron stars
  • Neutron-star mergers
  • Formation channels and rate estimates
  • Detector techniques
  • Data analysis
  • Multi-messenger astronomy


You can access the slides here.

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