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Welcome to the website of the Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies (HITS). HITS has become operational in January 2010. It starts with the scientific agenda developed by EML Research, and it will expand it to more topical areas.
At the moment, HITS comprises 10 research groups from various fields of the natural sciences, plus mathematics and computer science. We are convinced that such a multi-disciplinary setting is an ideal "incubator" for novel approaches to hard scientific problems.

You will find information about us, about our mission and financing, and the job opportunities we will offer. Information about talks and workshops you find in the events section.  In the press section we provide information for the media. In contact you will find information on where we are located, and how to reach contact persons.

Download the  HITS Annual Report 2012Follow the HITS Twitter account and visit HITS on Facebook and on our  Youtube-Channel.

Latest News:

"The Charts" Newsletter No. 14 is out! Read it online (PDF) here!

April 28, 2014: "Geometry through symmetry" - HITS Colloquium with Prof. Anna Wienhard (University of Heidelberg)

May 19, 2014: "
Plumbing the depths of entropy and enthalpy in molecular recognition" - HITS Colloquium with Prof. Michael Gilson, University of California, San Diego

The "Dazzler blog" online:
News by Gene Myers and Siegfried Schloissnig on algorithms and software for DNA sequence assembly
- HITS Youtube-Channel: Movies on research and researchers

Rebecca Wade (HITS) is one of the principal investigators in the EU-funded "Human Brain Project"

HITS is an active partner of the Biotech-Cluster Rhine-Neckar, which was awarded the leading-edge Cluster for "Cell-based and Molecular Medicine" in 2008.

HITS Spring Impressions (pictures: Peter Saueressig / HITS)