Registration now open: 2nd SIMPLAIX Workshop on “Machine Learning for Multiscale Molecular Modeling”

24. January 2024

The 2nd SIMPLAIX Workshop on “Machine Learning for Multiscale Molecular Modeling” will take place in the Studio Villa Bosch in Heidelberg …

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New observations confirm computer models how massive stars are born as multiples

16. January 2024

Astrophysicists have predicted the multiplicity of massive star births for a long time. But so far, there was little observational evidence …

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With AI towards new cardiac drugs

28. November 2023

In a recently published perspective (“Aktuelle Kardiologie” 2023; 12(06): 450 – 458), researchers in the “Molecular and Cellular Modeling” group at HITS and the “Section of …

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Drug formulation: Help to find the right ingredients

17. October 2023

The active ingredients of many medicines are poorly water-soluble and require suitable formulation to enable them to be orally administered and …

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Holding on to letting go – the Power of Bonds in Cell Stability

1. August 2023

Two-component adhesives are a brilliant invention. Scientists at the Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies (HITS) have found that the principle behind …

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The Universal Sound of Black Holes

31. July 2023

They are mysterious, exciting and inescapable – black holes are some of the most exotic objects in the Universe. With gravitational-wave detectors, …

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The sacrifice within – how collagen’s weak bonds help protect tissue

3. July 2023

HITS researchers publish new findings on collagen, the most abundant protein in our body: So-called “sacrificial bonds” in collagen break faster …

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Tools for molecular design

29. June 2023

On 21-23 June 2023, two workshops on Brain research took place at the Mathematikon, Heidelberg University: The second HBPMolSIM training workshop on …

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We congratulate: Poster award for Jannik and Eric!

2. May 2023

We happily announce that two of our MBM colleagues have won the poster prize at the Computer Simulation and Theory of …

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As they live and breathe – the role of long-chain fatty acids in cellular respiration

17. April 2023

Cellular respiration is a complex and highly regulated process that allows cells to draw energy from nutrition. An international team of …

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