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With AI towards new cardiac drugs

28. November 2023

In a recently published perspective (“Aktuelle Kardiologie” 2023; 12(06): 450 – 458), researchers in the “Molecular and Cellular Modeling” group at HITS and the “Section of …

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Drug formulation: Help to find the right ingredients

17. October 2023

The active ingredients of many medicines are poorly water-soluble and require suitable formulation to enable them to be orally administered and …

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Holding on to letting go – the Power of Bonds in Cell Stability

1. August 2023

Two-component adhesives are a brilliant invention. Scientists at the Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies (HITS) have found that the principle behind …

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The Universal Sound of Black Holes

31. July 2023

They are mysterious, exciting and inescapable – black holes are some of the most exotic objects in the Universe. With gravitational-wave detectors, …

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The sacrifice within – how collagen’s weak bonds help protect tissue

3. July 2023

HITS researchers publish new findings on collagen, the most abundant protein in our body: So-called “sacrificial bonds” in collagen break faster …

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Tools for molecular design

29. June 2023

On 21-23 June 2023, two workshops on Brain research took place at the Mathematikon, Heidelberg University: The second HBPMolSIM training workshop on …

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We congratulate: Poster award for Jannik and Eric!

2. May 2023

We happily announce that two of our MBM colleagues have won the poster prize at the Computer Simulation and Theory of …

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As they live and breathe – the role of long-chain fatty acids in cellular respiration

17. April 2023

Cellular respiration is a complex and highly regulated process that allows cells to draw energy from nutrition. An international team of …

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Simulation of transmembrane proteins in lipid environments: not always an easy task

11. April 2023

Researchers in the Molecular and Cellular Modeling group (MCM) at HITS have recently released the first parameters of a micelle-forming lipid …

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EnzymeML: Surfing the research data wave

15. February 2023

In catalytic sciences we face a rapidly increasing volume and complexity of research data, which are a challenge for analysis and …

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