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Smart Simulations for Supercomputers

27 12 2016

HITS researcher Volker Springel received a HLRS Golden Spike Award 2016 for his work in the “The Illustris++ Project: The Next Generation …

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On YouTube: Floppy keys – how the communication in the cell works

14 10 2016

This new Youtube clip was produced by the Cluster of Excellence CellNetworks with researchers from EMBL and HITS. The project was …

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On the front cover: Molecular dynamics involved in DNA compaction

29 08 2016

DNA is packaged in the cell nucleus by wrapping around proteins called histones to form chromatin fibers. Nucleosomes, the structural units …

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Made by nature: a highly elastic pressurized balloon

09 08 2016

Collagens constitute the dominant class of extracellular proteins in multicellular organisms. They are highly abundant wherever high elasticity is needed. The …

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Turbulent times: When stars approach

04 02 2016

HITS astrophysicists use new methods to simulate the common-envelope phase of binary stars, discovering dynamic irregularities that may help to explain …

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