Welcome to the press pages of HITS.

HITS conducts basic research in the field of natural sciences. Our researchers use mathematic methods and computational tools to resolve scientific problems. We want to raise public awareness of the importance of this research – this is why Public Relations play an important role for our institute.

Our work comprises many activities. We send press releases, newsletter, and invitations to events on a regular basis and are also represented on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Furthermore we participate in various “Outreach-Activities” such as in events like Explore Science, MS-Wissenschaft or information events at Universities. With our work we want to reach out to scientists, journalists, and the general public equally – independent of their background or age.

During the last decade, our world has become more and more digitalized. There are large amounts of data. This does not, however, only affect research but also science communication and science journalism. Therefore, we have introduced the HITS Journalist in Residence Program. We offer experienced science journalists the possibility to stay at our institute for several months and gain a deeper insight into data-driven science without the pressure of day-to-day business. Also other journalists are welcome at HITS. We’re always happy to arrange meetings or telephone interviews with our highly qualified and experienced scientists, which are experts in their fields

Our main goal is to make the complex research conducted at our institute more understandable and accessible to everybody and to show you how fascinating, promising and diverse data-driven science really is.


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