Software Developer Position SDBV Group HITS-06-2018

Opening in the Scientific Databases and Visualisation group at the HITS (Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies gGmbH) in Heidelberg, Germany

The HITS gGmbH (Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies) was established in 2010 by the physicist and SAP co-founder Klaus Tschira (1940-2015) and the Klaus Tschira Foundation as a private, non-profit research institute. HITS conducts basic research in the natural sciences, mathematics and computer science, with a focus on the processing, structuring, and analyzing of large amounts of complex data and the development of computational methods and software. The research fields range from molecular biology to astrophysics.

It is organized in independent research groups, SDBV is one such group, specialized on offering services to scientists with a view of FAIR (findable, accessible, interoperable, reusable) sharing of data.

We are seeking highly motivated computer scientists to join the SDBV group at HITS as a developer. The successful candidate will work on the SEEK system in the context of the INCOME and MESI-STRAT projects. The successful candidate will use, administrate, extend source code of the SEEK system, as well as write tools that use the SEEK API. He/she will participate in administration of SEEK instances. He/she will participate in discussions with users about features to be implemented, and larger directions to be taken, develop ideas together with the going-to-be users of the new features, implement them (along with automatic tests) and incrementally improve them.

Our goal is to provide users with systems that are used, and that help them accomplish their scientific goals. To this end we need to be flexible. Flexible in finding out their needs, as well as flexible in the ways towards a solution. Candidates get the opportunity to work with new web technologies in a productive setting.

Candidates should have a university or university of applied sciences degree. They should demonstrate interest in the development and maintenance of software, interest in new technologies, and quickly be able to change between web frameworks and languages. They should have an interest in interdisciplinary dialogue.

To apply, please enter your application via this link.
Applications must be submitted by 15 August 2018.
Please note that applications not submitted via the online system will not be considered. For questions, please contact