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„Hands on“: Auszeichnung für Bioinformatik-Praktikum

04 07 2016

This text is only available in German. Die Lehrveranstaltung „Hands-on Bioinformatics Practical“ von Prof. Alexandros Stamatakis und Dr. Tomas Flouri wird …

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HITS researchers cited worldwide

18 12 2015

In the recent ranking “Highly Cited Researchers” by Thomson Reuters, the HITS scientists Volker Springel (Astrophysics) and Tilmann Gneiting (Mathematics) are …

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SCO Scientists: “Best Lecture” at KIT Computer Science

15 07 2015

For their lecture “Introduction to Bioinformatics for Computer Scientists”, SCO group members Alexandros Stamatakis, Andre Aberer, Tomas Flouri, Alexey Kozlov, Kassian …

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Computer Science Talent joins HITS

25 03 2015

In February 2015, Sarah Lutteropp joined the SCO group (leader: Alexandros  Stamatakis) as student worker. She currently studies at the Karlsruhe …

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New Branches at the Tree of Life

03 02 2015

Biologist Emily Jane McTavish (University of Kansas) does evolutionary research using DNA sequence data and computational tools. She is visiting the …

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In “Science”: Big data explain evolution of birds

12 12 2014

Bird tree of life reproduced by gene analysis and supercomputing, new findings about basics of birdsongs, feathers, biodiversity, and bird evolution …

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HITSter wins Heidelberg Science Slam

20 11 2014

Lucas Czech, PhD student in the HITS group Scientific Computing (SCO), won the Heidelberg Science Slam at O’Reilly’s Heidelberg …

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PhD defense

15 11 2014

Our visiting PhD student Paschalia Kapli, that visited our lab twice, successfully defended her PhD at the University of Crete on …

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In “Science”: Scientists resolve the evolution of insects

07 11 2014

A collaboration of more than 100 researchers from 10 countries announce the results of an unprecedented scientific study that resolves the evolutionary history …

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New PhD student

01 07 2014

Our new PhD student, Lucas Czech, joined the lab.

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