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Current Projects

Mechanical properties of silk

18. December 2014

Silk is one of the many biomaterials with mechanical properties not yet reached by synthetic counterparts. Silk fibers have an outstanding …

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Force-triggered blood coagulation

30. November 2014

Blood coagulation is a complex phenomenon requiring the activation of a series of proteins upon changes in the physiological flow of …

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Force-driven allostery in proteins

11. November 2014

Allostery in proteins plays a significant role such as cell signalling or gene and enzyme regulations. Allostery is characterized by a …

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30. October 2014

Chemical and enzymatic reactions can be guided by mechanical stress. While single molecule force spectroscopy is an emerging technique to study …

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Force distribution analysis (FDA)

30. October 2014

Force distribution analysis (FDA) is a method to detect and follow force and stress propagation in proteins, reminiscent of Finite Element …

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Previous Projects

Mechanical properties of Nacre

2. December 2014

Nacre, also known as mother-of-pearl, is a biocomposite located at the inner layer of seashells, with exceptional mechanical properties such as …

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Structure-based Drug design

14. November 2014

Structure-based design methods have proven effective in every aspect of drug design – from lead discovery, development, through guiding clinical trials. …

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