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In this winter semester 2022/23 I will teach a course in Geometric Deep Learning:

2400179 – Geometric Deep Learning

This module provides students with both theoretical and practical insights into modern Deep Learning.

In particular, we focus on a novel approach for understanding deep neural networks with mathematical tools from geometry and group theory.

This enables a methodical approach to Deep Learning: starting from first principles of symmetry and invariance, we derive different network architectures for analyzing unstructured sets, grids, graphs, and manifolds.

Topics of the course include: group theory, graph neural networks, convolutional neural networks, applications of geometric deep learning in diverse fields such as geometry processing, molecular dynamics, social networks, game playing (computer Go), processing of text and speech, as well as applications in medicine.

Literature: M. M. Bronstein, J. Bruna, T. Cohen, P. Veličković. Geometric Deep Learning: Grids, Groups, Graphs, Geodesics, and Gauges

Parts of the course will be based on the material on

The course material will be published on the ILIAS course website.

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Tentative Schedule
26.10.221. Introduction and Overview
02.11.222. Fundamentals of Deep Learning I
09.11.223. Fundamentals of Deep Learning II
16.11.224. High-Dimensional Learning
23.11.225. Geometric Priors I
30.11.226. Geometric Priors II
07.12.227. Graphs & Sets I
14.12.228. Graphs & Sets II
21.12.229. Grids
28.12.22No lecture (Merry Christmas!)
04.01.23No lecture (Happy New Year!)
11.01.2310. Groups
18.01.2311. Geodesics and Manifolds
25.01.2312. Gauges
01.02.2313. Beyond Groups
08.02.2314. Conclusions
15.02.2315. Recap and Questions

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