News Year: 2022

Multiscale simulations unveil molecular mechanisms that shape brain plasticity

1. August 2022

New publication on multiscale molecular simulations to investigate adenylyl cyclase-based signaling in the brain, together with colleagues collaborating in the Human …

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Integrative data-intensive approaches to drug design

28. July 2022

The 23rd EuroQSAR Symposium will take place in Heidelberg, chaired by HITS group leader Rebecca Wade. Deadline for abstract submission: 4 August 2022 …

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The invisible needle in a stellar haystack

19. July 2022

An international research team with participation of HITS discovered a “dormant” black hole in a binary-star system outside our galaxy. These …

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Massive stars, black holes and binaries

12. July 2022

SET group at HITS organized the first presence meeting of VFTS & Friends It all started with an “ESO Large Programme”: …

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Digital Worlds 20.22: In the beginning was the Code

28. June 2022

Come and join us for our Open Day at HITS on Saturday, 9 July, from 11am-5pm After four years the Heidelberg …

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HITS: Call for “Journalist in Residence” in 2023

27. June 2022

Are you an experienced science journalist? Would you like to delve into new areas of research and deepen your technical knowledge? …

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Carl Smith – Journalist in Residence 2022

27. June 2022

Australian science journalist Carl Smith was the HITS “Journalist in Residence” in 2022. He is a staff science journalist and presenter working …

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Issue 2 | 2022

21. June 2022

A “magic triangle” has formed: “SIMPLAIX” is a three-way-cooperation between HITS, Heidelberg University and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), enabled …

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Jupiter – a heavy metal planet?

13. June 2022

An international team of astronomers, among Michaël Bazot from the “Theory and Observations of Stars” (TOS) group at HITS, has …

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A living lab of evolutionary biology

9. June 2022

“The Aegean archipelago” is designed to help schoolkids play games to better understand that life forms on Earth have changed over …

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