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Publication in Scientometrics Journal

28. March 2017

A study entitled “Data Sets for Author Name Disambiguation: An Empirical Analysis and a New Resource” has just been published in …

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Another Successful Defense

21. February 2017

Sebastian Martschat (second from the right, with his examination committee) has successfully defended his PhD. thesis on “Structured Representations for Coreference …

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Dissertation erfolgreich verteidigt

21. February 2017

Sebastian Martschat (zweiter von rechts, mit seinem Prüfungskomitee) hat erfolgreich seine Dissertation mit dem Titel “Structured Representations for Coreference Resolution” …

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New Scientific Director: Michael Strube

2. January 2017

As of January 2017, Prof. Dr. Michael Strube is the new Scientific Director (“Institutssprecher”) of HITS. As the position of Scientific Director …

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EACL Paper Accepted

19. December 2016

The paper “Trust, but Verify! Better Entity Linking through Automatic Verification” by Benjamin Heinzerling, Michael Strube, and Chin-Yew Lin has been …

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EACL Workshop “Ethics in NLP”

22. November 2016

Michael Strube, group leader NLP at HITS, will co-organize the upcoming EACL-Workshop “Ethics in NLP”, which will take place on the 4…

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Coling Paper Accepted

21. September 2016

The paper “Incremental Global Event Extraction” by Alex Judea and Michael Strube has been accepted for Coling 2016, which will take place …

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EMNLP Paper Accepted

1. August 2016

A paper by Daraksha Parveen, PhD. student in the HITS NLP group, has been accepted at EMNLP ’16. The title of the …

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ACL 2016

1. June 2016

A paper by Nafise Sadat Moosavi, PhD. student in the HITS NLP group, has been accepted as a long paper at …

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First place at NAACL 2016 Shared Task

22. March 2016

Madeline Remse, Master student in the HITS NLP group, finished first place in the Automated Evaluation of Scientific Writing Shared Task …

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