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A clear view on magnetic stars through a beautiful nebula

12. April 2024

An international team of astronomers have solved a stellar mystery utilizing new data from the European Southern Observatory (ESO), and confirm …

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New observations confirm computer models how massive stars are born as multiples

16. January 2024

Astrophysicists have predicted the multiplicity of massive star births for a long time. But so far, there was little observational evidence …

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Habitable: More than just a game

25. October 2023

What makes a planet habitable? How do you keep it habitable, how do you develop life, and what strategic decisions put …

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In “Campus Report”: The universal sound of black holes (in German)

4. October 2023

The earth usually seems very big to us and, if we disregard the climate, also quite stable. In fact, it is …

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The Universal Sound of Black Holes

31. July 2023

They are mysterious, exciting and inescapable – black holes are some of the most exotic objects in the Universe. With gravitational-wave detectors, …

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A step forward: Workshop for the “Habitable” board game

2. May 2023

A team of young researchers at HITS has received 10,000 euros in the university competition for the Science Year “Our Universe” to …

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More than just a game: How long can there be life on Earth?

9. March 2023

Researchers at the Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies (HITS) receive 10,000 Euros in the university competition “Our Universe” for developing a board …

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Girls, let your geek flag fly!

30. January 2023

What happens to a neutron star after its formation? Why are big media cooperations looking for molecular biologists? How big can …

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Exploring the life of binary stars

21. December 2022

Since September 2022, astrophysicist Rajika Kuruwita has been the first fellow of the HITS Independent Postdoc Program. The program offers an opportunity …

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The invisible needle in a stellar haystack

19. July 2022

An international research team with participation of HITS discovered a “dormant” black hole in a binary-star system outside our galaxy. These …

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