News Year: 2014

New PhD student

01 07 2014

Our new PhD student, Lucas Czech, joined the lab.

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Tilmann Gneiting appointed Fellow of the ECMWF

01 07 2014

The European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) is launching a new fellowship program to foster collaboration with renowned international scientists. …

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Mathematical models, astrophysical simulations

27 06 2014

The HITS scientists Volker Springel (Astrophysics) and Tilmann Gneiting (Mathematics) are among the highly cited researchers worldwide. Two scientists of the …

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TRAPP on the Frontpage

13 06 2014

An article by HITS researcher Dr. Daria Kokh (MCM) has made it onto the frontpage of the Journal of Chemical Information …

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No. 15 | 06-2014

01 06 2014

This summer, HITS will present digital research on the floating science center “MS Wissenschaft”, as an event in Year of Science “…

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In “Nature”: Galaxies out of a Supercomputer

08 05 2014

A new computer simulation shows the formation of galaxies with unprecedented precision, allowing astrophysicists from Heidelberg, the U.S. and England …

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No. 14 | 04-2014

01 04 2014

Everything about our next HITS “Journalist in Residence” Michele Catanzaro, a Milky Way out of the supercomputer and HITS mathematicians who …

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Dazzler Blog online

25 03 2014

The Dazzler Blog is about algorithms and software for DNA sequence assembly, specifically for next, next gen long-read sequencers such as …

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Andreas Reuter at the ACM Europe Council Meeting

24 03 2014

In March, the ACM Europe Council Meeting was held at the British Royal Society in London. HITS Managing Director Prof. Andreas …

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Mathematik hilft Umweltschutz

11 03 2014

This content is only available in German. Wie mathematische Ansätze umweltrelevante Arbeitsprozesse, wie zum Beispiel Recycling optimieren können, diskutierten …

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