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Welcome Sara!

21. December 2016

A warm welcome to Sara Becker that has just joined the MBM group as an intern. Sara is a master …

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On YouTube: Floppy keys – how the communication in the cell works

14. October 2016

This new Youtube clip was produced by the Cluster of Excellence CellNetworks with researchers from EMBL and HITS. The project was …

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Dynamic disorder can explain non-exponential kinetics of fast protein mechanical unfolding

13. October 2016

Dr. Bogdan Costescu et al. unfolded a protein in the computer thousands of times – and successfully detected signatures that hint …

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Welcome Lena!

7. October 2016

A warm welcome to Lena Thärichen that has just joined the MBM group as an intern. Lena is a master …

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Welcome Agnieszka!

21. September 2016

A warm welcome to Agnieszka Obarska-Kosinska that just joined the MBM group as a postdoctoral fellow from Poland. Agnieszka did her …

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Made by nature: a highly elastic pressurized balloon

9. August 2016

Collagens constitute the dominant class of extracellular proteins in multicellular organisms. They are highly abundant wherever high elasticity is needed. The …

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Welcome Vedran!

9. November 2015

A warm welcome to Vedran Miletić that just joined the MBM group as a postdoctoral fellow from Croatia. Verdan has …

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Mechanosensing of focal adhesion kinase

9. November 2015

Why do astronauts suffer from bone loss? Astronauts lose bone mass because of the low gravity in space. Bones need mechanical …

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Durch die ultraschnelle, aber zugleich gezielte Bindung rast der Rezeptor (goldfarben) durch die mit ungeordneten Proteinen gefüllte Pore in den Zellkern, während unerwünschte Moleküle ferngehalten werden. (Bild: Mercadante /HITS) The ultrafast and yet selective binding allows the receptor (gold) to rapidly travel through the pore filled with disordered proteins (blue) into the nucleus, while any unwanted molecules are kept outside. (Image: Mercadante /HITS)

In “Cell”: Floppy but fast

9. October 2015

Inside cells, communication between the nucleus, which harbours our precious genetic material, and the cytoplasm is mediated by the constant exchange …

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Welcome Csaba!

7. October 2015

A warm welcome to Csaba Daday that joined us from the Biomolecular Electronic Structure group of Prof. Claudia Filippi in Twente. …

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