Scientific Advisory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) of HITS is a group of internationally renowned scientists that supports the management of HITS in various aspects of running, planning, and directing the institute. In particular, the SAB orchestrates the periodic evaluation of all the research groups of HITS. The evaluation  is a continuous process involving three to four research groups per year. The SAB presents the results to the HITS management and makes recommendations of how to further improve the institute’s research performance.

The SAB had its constitutive meeting in November 2014, and currently consists of ten members (as of December 2016):


  • Dr. Adele Goldberg, past President of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) (Vice Chair)
  • Prof. Gert-Martin Greuel, University of Kaiserslautern, past Director of the “Mathematisches Forschungszentrum Oberwolfach”
  • Prof. Dr. Stefan Hell, Director at the Max-Planck-Institute for Bio-Physical Chemistry,  Göttingen
  • Prof. Dr. Tony Hey, University of Southampton
  • Prof. Dr. Masaru Kitsuregawa, University of Tokyo, Director General of the National Institute of Informatics, Japan
  • Dr. Heribert Knorr, Head of Department at Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts Baden-Württemberg (retired)
  • Prof. Dr. Dieter Kranzlmüller, Ludwig Maximilians University, Munich, Director of the Leibniz Super Computing Center (Chair)
  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Lengauer, Max-Planck-Institute for Computer Science, Saarbrücken
  • Prof. Dr. Alex Szalay, Johns Hopkins University
  • Prof. Dr. Jeannette Wing, Carnegie-Mellon University, Corporate VP of Microsoft Research