Lecture: Stellar structures, evolution, and explosions

Winter semester 2016/2017

Prof. Dr. F. Röpke, L. Horst, Dr. P. Edelmann, Dr. S. Jones, Dr. S. Ohlmann

Lecture:  Tuesday, 14 – 16 h

Homework session: Tuesday, 16 – 18 h

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Stars are the building blocks of the Universe. This lecture covers their structures, evolution, and explosions from a theoretical point of view.

  • Brief overview of observational results
  • Theoretical modeling approaches
    • fluid mechanics and mechanical equilibrium of stars
    • simple stellar models
    • energetic equilibrium of stars
  • Physical properties of stellar matter
    • stellar thermodynamics
    • equation of state
    • opacities
  • Nuclear processes in stars
    • energy production and reactions
    • thermonuclear reaction rates
    • main nuclear burning cycles
    • neutrino emission
  • Energy transport in stellar interiors
    • radiation, diffusion, conduction
    • convection
  • Stellar evolution models
    • basic equations
    • stellar stability
    • homology relations
    • schematic stellar evolution
  • Early stages of stellar evolution and main sequence phase
    • pre-main sequence
    • zero-age main sequence
    • central hydrogen burning
  • Post-main sequence evolution
    • Schoenberg-Chandrasekhar limit
    • hydrogen-shell burning
    • helium burning
    • pulsational instability
  • Late evolution of low- and intermediate mass stars
    • the asymptotic giant branch
    • white dwarfs
  • Massive stars
    • stellar winds
    • advanced burning stages
    • pre-supernova evolution
  • Stellar explosions
    • supernovae
    • stellar remnants

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