Our work is mainly doing service for systems biology in large collaborative projects. In this page, we give an overview about our projects. If you’d like to see a view centered around the outcomes, please look at the Tools and Data collection sections.

SABIO-RK database

Biochemical Reaction Kinetics Database SABIO-RK ( is a curated database containing structured information about biochemical reactions and their corresponding kinetics. It describes participants and modifiers of the reactions, as well as measured kinetic data (including kinetic rate equations) embedded in their experimental and environmental context. The system offers standardized data for metabolic and newly also…



The “German Network for Bioinformatics Infrastructure-de.NBI” is a national, academic and non-profit infrastructure supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) providing bioinformatics services to users in life sciences research and biomedicine in Germany and Europe. The de.NBI program was launched by the BMBF in March 2015 and the ELIXIR Node in…



The subject of FAIRDOM is data management services for systems biology for projects within the ERASysAPP ERANet funding initiative and beyond. In the course of the ERA-Net EraSysAPP and European research infrastructure project ISBE, three national funding agencies support a Data and Model Management Project – FAIRDOM (Findable Accessible Interoperable Reusable Data Operations, and Models).…


Previous projects

Virtual Liver

The German Virtual Liver Network funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is a major interdisciplinary research initiative in systems biology. The Network’s goal is to create an integrated computer model of the liver as a complete organ with all of its diverse and essential functions. It is the first project worldwide to…



The SBEpo (Systems Biology of Erythropoietin) project aims at multi-level mathematical modeling of erythropoiesis for optimized expansion of erythroid progenitor cells and improved treatment regimes. The hormone Erythropoietin (Epo) is the key regulator of definitive erythropoiesis that is a unidirectional proliferation and maturation process ensuring renewal of red blood cells. Erythropoiesis represents one of the…


Operation Explorer

The Operation Explorer was developed as a tool to be used by science journalists working on questions about the situation of medical care in Germany. It enables them to quickly mine the sizable datasets of all diagnoses made and all operations performed and remedial procedures resorted in a visual and exploratory way. The first version of the Operation…



Using novel technologies and approaches in the life sciences the molecular inventory of biological systems now can be analyzed and studied in a complexity and completeness that was not reached before. Such studies provide extensive and very heterogenous research data that are the foundation for setting up computer models in systems biology, which are used…



The NMTrypI (New Medicines for Trypanosomatidic Infections) project aims at obtaining new candidate drugs against Trypanosomatidic infections with appropriate efficiency from the lead phase to the final preclinical phase that are more accessible to patients. The dissemination of infectious diseases due to microorganisms belonging to the Trypanosomatidae family – i.e. trypanosomiasis that causes sleeping sickness,…


Discover the liver

The Virtual Liver Portal: showcasing scientific data of Virtual Liver Network for both expert and the non-expert public The liver has several vital functions in our organism. The consumption of medical drugs, alcohol, fat food and toxins of bacteria or viruses can damage the liver. The damaged by a single consumption liver might recover within…