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Public means of transport

Local public transport

The transport network Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Neckar (VRN) offers a common fare for regional railway, light rail and bus services in the whole Rhine-Neckar-area. This includes the cities of Mannheim, Heidelberg, etc.

Amongst others, the VRN affords low-priced seven-day, monthly and annual tickets.

VRN selling points:

  • Reisezentrum Hauptbahnhof (in the main station)
  • RNV-Verkaufsstelle Hauptbahnhof (building opposite the station, entrance on the left side)

Internet: www.vrn.de


Job Ticket

If you are staying at HITS for more than 6 months, you can purchase a local public transportation pass (Job-Ticket), which offers a large discount on the regular price. You will receive detailed information at the beginning of your stay.



From Heidelberg you can quickly and comfortably access all German cities as well as many European cities.

Internet: www.bahn.de