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Molecular Biomechanics


2017: Lectures and Hands-on sessions in computational molecular biophysics


Computational Molecular Biophysics How can a bird sense magnetic fields, how does our ear detect sound waves, how does our bone …

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Flaws in nacre!


New paper on flaws in nacre is out! Flaws weaken a crystal along what macroscopic theories predict, even on the nano-scale, …

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Welcome Jana!


A warm welcome to Jana Tünnermann that has just joined the MBM group as an intern. Jana is a master …

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Cut it, but not so fast!


Blood clotting is an amazing biological process in which injured blood vessels are plugged by platelets –flowing in our blood stream– …

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Welcome Sara!


A warm welcome to Sara Becker that has just joined the MBM group as an intern. Sara is a master …

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2016: Fundamentals of Simulation Methods


Winter semester 2016/2017 by Frauke Gräter and Rüdiger Pakmor This lecture (MVComp1) is part of the specialization in Computational Physics …

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Auf YouTube: Der Schlüssel zur Proteinbindung


Der Exzellenzcluster CellNetworks hat jetzt ein Youtube-Video zu diesem Projekt veröffentlicht. Die Produktion wurde durch Research in Germany/DFG ermö…

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Dynamic disorder can explain non-exponential kinetics of fast protein mechanical unfolding


Dr. Bogdan Costescu et al. unfolded a protein in the computer thousands of times – and successfully detected signatures that hint …

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Welcome Lena!


A warm welcome to Lena Thärichen that has just joined the MBM group as an intern. Lena is a master …

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Welcome Agnieszka!


A warm welcome to Agnieszka Obarska-Kosinska that just joined the MBM group as a postdoctoral fellow from Poland. Agnieszka did her …

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